Why Blair Upper Cervical

Blair Upper Cervical – Redefining Healing

Have you exhausted every possible option for relief but still see little to no improvements? Do you suspect having posture problems because of a previous accident? If your answer is yes to both questions, then it may be worth it to consult with a Blair Upper Cervical practitioner. This unique and specific approach to restoring balance in the body has been around for decades, providing a different level of healing to people with chronic symptoms like headaches, vertigo attacks, and neurological pain. It distinguishes itself from other upper cervical techniques by hinging on the fact that people have asymmetrical bodies.

How is Blair Cervical Different from Other Upper Cervical Techniques?

Dr. William Blair, the founder of the technique, developed the principles based on upper cervical chiropractic.

But, instead of simply providing adjustments to the neck bones, he wanted to customize the approach based on some specific anatomical features of the neck, such as: 

  • The articulation of the condyles (the bone formation under the skull)
  • The slope of the neck bones on the right and left side

By analyzing the asymmetrical features of the cervical spine, Blair Upper Cervical doctors like Dr. Nikolai Young can provide you with exact and gentle adjustments.  

Who Needs Blair Upper Cervical?

The Blair Cervical technique is a widely studied alternative remedy for persistent pain and other health problems. It is also among the leading methods used to resolve neurovascular compression – an issue known to trigger things like: 

  • Brainstem irritation 
  • Muscle pain, numbness, or spasm (especially on the face, neck, and upper back)
  • Miscommunication between various organs like the brain and the inner ears 
  • Tissue scarring and impaired ability to heal damaged tissues
  • Poor fluid drainage and circulation to your head 

Whether young or old, our customized neck bone adjustments at Portland Specific Chiropractic can provide you with relief. We also suggest exploring this option if you want to tap into a new remedy or if you previously suffered from a head or neck trauma. Guided by our in-depth analysis of your cervical spine and posture, we can provide you with tailored adjustments to your uppermost neckbones, the cervical spine vertebral bones. 

Essential Facts Every Patient Needs to Know About Blair Cervical

Trying a new alternative approach to healing can be a daunting experience. You might have a question or two about how it works and what to expect from your visits. We have rounded up a few essential details about Blair Cervical to ease your worries and clarify any concerns. 

This toggle technique for cervical spine correction has been around for decades

Dr. William Blair is the brain behind the renowned Blair Cervical technique. Fascinated by the geometrical aspects of the human body, he thought of devising a more streamlined approach to analyze changes in the cervical spine. He created a thorough process of understanding structural imbalance on both sides of the neck, providing upper cervical doctors a more precise grasp of the cervical subluxation and the required adjustments.

He also designed a unique way to fix the postural imbalance in the neck using a headpiece that slowly drops during each adjustment. The specialized part of the adjustment table provides ample support to your head and neck. It also helps in easing the bones to slide back in place.   

It’s a painless process worth trying if you have chronic pain and other symptoms

Blair Cervical practitioners are well aware of the importance of the cervical spine. That’s why you can feel confident of receiving top-notch patient care during each visit. It’s also a painless procedure that uses minimal force on the misaligned bones to release pressure and tension on the two uppermost neckbones. The best part about Blair Cervical is that it works for a handful of problematic symptoms and conditions, including: 

  • Migraines
  • Neurological pain
  • Vertigo attacks
  • Poor fluid drainage in the head
  • Ear congestion
  • Tinnitus
  • TMJ disorder
  • Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia 

Your cervical spine matters, so it would help to be more mindful of your posture

Many people don’t pay much attention to their neck’s anatomy. Sadly, this mistake has caused thousands to experience several symptoms and health issues, such as those mentioned above. 

At Portland Specific Chiropractic, we often explain to our patients that the topmost necks are the most vulnerable to damage. That’s because they look structurally different than the rest of the vertebral bones. The C1 and C2 bones allow for extensive movement of the head. They’re also crucial to keeping the rest of the body in proper alignment because if they move, even by the slightest degree, the spinal column has to compensate.

The cervical spine changes also affect your nervous system because the bones can impinge on the brainstem and nerve roots. This causes signal transmission problems, delaying the healing time of the affected tissues and causing confusion like detecting false motions. 

Fortunately, a Blair Upper Cervical Doctor can resolve the problem and retrain the spine to maintain its neutral curvature. 

First Visit to a Blair Cervical Doctor: How it Works

The first visit to an Upper Cervical Chiropractic doctor serves as the doctors' discovery and analytical phase. It gives our practitioner, Dr. Nikolai Young, valuable insights concerning your cervical spine and posture. Some of the tests we run to provide a detailed analysis include the following:

  • Patient medical record analysis
  • Physical neck examination
  • Leg length test
  • Neurological assessment
  • 3D CBCT analysis of the cervical spine

Using the obtained data, Dr. Young can find the exact points where your cervical vertebrae have misaligned. It also guides an Upper Cervical doctor to ensure that your head tilts at the correct angle before each cervical spine adjustment. 

Experience a Life-changing Approach to Healing and Recovery

It’s worth considering Upper Cervical Care techniques like Blair Cervical when looking for a way to revitalize health and eliminate health problems. It’s a proven approach that has worked for thousands of sick and suffering individuals. Get the help you need by talking to Dr. Nikolai Young  Call us at (503) 334-4545 to schedule your first consultation. 

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